What will college admissions look like in 2019?

The most common question we are asked at the NEXT School Foundation about NEXT High School is "How will my child get into college?" The answer is straight forward. We often reply "Not the same way you did."

Don't believe us? That's understandable. But WIRED online makes a compelling argument on Stanford's admission targets. Check out their article here. It's worth the read. 

To understand the issue, it helps to backpedal a bit. The typical college admissions process requires a high school students to be a jack of all trades that earns straight A’s, captains the soccer team, aces standardized tests, runs student government, and still finds time to volunteer on the weekends. Whether any of these things are genuine personal passions doesn’t always matter, and for many students they are simply things to be checked off a list. Educators like Stein Greenberg wonder if this is doing little more than creating what the writer William Deresiewicz calls “really excellent sheep.”
— 4 Radical Ideas for Reinventing College, Drawn From Stanford Research