The GREAT Debate: Entrepreneurship Vs Academics

Entrepreneurship education, more importantly entrepreneurial values and impact should be complimentary to academic exploration not standalone, Academic exploration should be complimentary to Entrepreneurship education not stand alone.

What is Entrepreneurship Education?

Probably more fitting is, what it should BE.

It is laying the foundation for students to have the Entrepreneurial Spirit ; storytelling, ability to speak in populated settings, sell themselves, hustle, motivation, a consultative approach to concepts, idea generation, branding, marketing, social media presences etc…The by-product is the business but should be a very important by-product. None of which is done from a book but from life lessons taught by those who have lived them and real world content. Baptism by fire as they say in the military.

Entrepreneurship education can’t just be about revenue models, investments and marketing plans (although all are integral to its success). If it is only about that, they will frankly burnout. It has to be about learning from failure and applying lessons learned in the Science Lab, creative writing session or math seminar. If we do not start bridging the gap between theoretical and practical we are only glorifying BUZZ Words.

For all students, the product should be the values not “entrepreneurship.” These values transcend multiple arenas. The same skills are needed to start a company that are needed to tackle a corporate job, brew coffee, play an instrument, serve in the military, opening of one’s work in an art gallery, release of ones novel. teach ..etc…. The goal should then be to chase down incredible ideas to make an impact and money along the way if that so happens.

What really excites me is the idea that a student can go from Interest to Impact all in house! It is happening in programs and schools across the country. It is sweeping across all level of education. It is the next great revolution. Flexible and meaningful education.

Regardless of what that idea is, be it for-profit, non-profit, or project the goal should be the Impact.

Entrepreneurship education and academic exploration should be complementary not compartmentalized. Saying you can’t teach Entrepreneurship is simply giving yourself a pass on not educating the next generation.