Disruption from the Deep South


The other morning I was walking with my 7-year-old daughter on a local hiking trail and she asked me why I do what I do. It was one of the most profound questions I have been asked, especially by my daughter. My response was quick “to be one of the uneducated who educates the world.” Disclaimer before you read further you must know that I am not by current standards an “educator.” However, I have been through the system, benefited from the system, been failed by the system, abused the system and ignored the system. I believe that education must and will be changed by rebels, revolutionaries, and disruptures who are willing to work in concert with communities, governments, and people.


So how do we do that? How do we ensure, to steal a line from one of our inspirations, “that the revolution is improvised?” We form collations of people who are radicals in a room full of radicals. In that passion, I would like to propose that if you are reading this you reach out and help us form groups of people who will place action over pity and work alongside the NEXT School Foundation to increase access and opportunity for students.


Why start in South Carolina?


We are last in the country in education. Last. We can not point fingers anymore. However, what they fail to mention in those studies is the qualitative reality that we have some of the most brilliant minds who just need a choice to do more than just survive. We have already seeded a network of change agents through our programs at NEXT High School, NEXT School Eagle Ridge and countless other community engagements where the Foundation introduces frameworks of what learning should and can be.


We opened an education foundation in the Deep South to do more than make waves, we did it because our community is the uneducated who will one day educate the world.


So please accept this as an invitation to open a larger conversation about how we can enable the impossible by aiding both of our missions. Seriously, reach out to me jeremy.boeh@nextschoolfoundation.org


Consider joining me as the NEXT School Foundation seeks to increase access and opportunity to students across the country starting right here in the great state of South Carolina.


President, NEXT School Foundation, Jeremy Boeh