Here's just a small sampling of our projects.

NEXT High School :

NEXT High School :

Next High School is preparing young people for life after school.

Next High School (NHS)is a free, public high school currently enrolling rising freshmen for the 2015-16 school year. After years of planning and working, NHS is bringing a proven yet innovative model of individualized education using project-based learning coupled with online delivered instruction.

In other words, NHS is reinventing education to prepare young people for life after school by providing a school environment and culture that fosters all kids who struggle in traditional classrooms.

Institute for the Future of Learning

Let's transform the factory model of education

We believe the industrial age model of education needs to be transformed. The drop out crisis and a disengaged, under–challenged youth are calling upon us to transform our education system. Great work is underway in many schools and communities across the world. Our goal is to help map, connect and scale that work. Read more on our Projects page

iMAGINE Upstate

iMAGINE Upstate is a celebration and showcase of everything STEM, Innovative, Creative, and Entrepreneurial in the Upstate of South Carolina. Working to create an ecosystem that will generate inspiration and enable the “Ah-ha” Moments that will shape our future workforce in the Upstate!